What to expect from your session?

First and foremost your session is all about YOU! We know that you spend your days catering to others, may be be your career, spouse, children or who ever! Today we will cater to you. In order to do this, once you confirm your session we will contact you to learn more about you. During your Pre-Session Consult we will discuss outfits, accessories, things that make YOU SPECIAL, anything that you want, we also have a few basics that we will cover to help you, and ourselves, prepare for this special day.

We will then send you a reminder and some helpful and exciting tips to get the most of your visit with us. Don’t worry they are EASY! but they do make a huge difference in your experience!

On the day of your session you will walk in and sit down with your chosen Make-Up and Hair* Artist, who will then pamper you with all of the Hollywood Style that you deserve. Sit back relax and do not hesitate to ask for anything that you may like. In our tips we will include info about how to get ready before coming in on the day of your session. If you have any unanswered questions feel free to ask, if not we, we definitely look forward to hearing about what been going on since we last saw you, at your introduction consult!

Our Portrait Artist will also take some time to recap any discussions that we had during your introduction consult to see if there are any last minute changes, and both our Make-Up Artist and Portrait Artist will help with any last minute wardrobe selections. We alway encourage bringing options. As a matter of fact we will help cary, hang, or layout all your stuff with you, after all its your day to have fun!!

Once we have answered any last minute questions, and you are relaxing during your pampering and make-up session, we will custom design the lighting set up for you.  We do this for EVERY client as no 2 people have the same shape, size or features, and we want you to look the best you can look, and this is done not with a one set fits all, but making the right adjustments for every client and every location.

With your favorite tunes playing, make-up perfect, you will then come on into our studio for your session. Don’t worry about the equipment, lights, do feel free to ask any as questions come up, they always do. As your session begins we are sure you will get a tremendous laugh as our Portrait Artist will not only explain but will show you how to pose, we will show you then you can try it yourself. We find this is the classiest way to bring out your best.

Once your session comes to an end, we will help you gather your things and load em’ up. and then we get to work on your images. In most cases we will set a review time a few days down the road, and you will then get to preview your files with basic enhancements and corrections. We will recap your session, every client has a different experience and we love to hear what it was for you! You will also get to again see the specialty products that we offer and make any additional selections at this time. We will also discuss further enhancements of any of your favorite images for your final delivery.

Once this has been completed you will be given a delivery or ‘extra christmas’ date, when we will meet to deliver your order and make sure that EVERYTHING is PERFECT when you pick them up!! We have to admit that this is our favorite moment! We love to see your face light up with what we have all created and when you see yourself in a way you have probably never seen yourself before, just simply STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!