What dreams are made of;

We have all started reading books and drifted off into our own storys. We have all been at work staring at our computer screens, blinked our eyes and, at least for a moment, transported ourselves to some other place, may be a place with Victorian Gardens, Dragons and Knights, or an field with warm sunlight and magical creatures, may drifted back to one of life’s milestones such as Graduation or starting our families. These are places and times, where everything is just perfect. Your Self Impression Portrait will Romanticize thestory of you.

Our Self Impression Portraits are just that, just perfect. They are your opportunity to see yourself in a magical place, a perfect moment, a place where your dreams are true. Your Romance Portrait is more then just a photograph, it will be a hand created Art Piece, created using elements of your life, and the unique creative vision of Duane Murphy. Each commission combines reality and fantasy, and is designed to be the WOWpiece of your home, your life, weather it be displayed in your Living Room, Den or Bed Room.

During the creative conversations we will find your likes, dislikes and even your home decor to ensure that the final piece is absolutely loved and fits into your home or office just perfectly. We do this using state of the art design software that allows us to use simple cell phone pictures to recreate your showing space. The fact is we don’t have weeks or days to pose for a Master Artist to hand paint a portrait of us, from some reason life just gets in the way, the Kids, Spouse, that job, or in todays world everybody has a digital camera. What sets Duane’s abilities apart is his unique knowledge of Art, Computers, Photography, Posing, Lighting, and his Creative Vision and love of a Wonderful Heart Warming Story, in short a perfect impression of you.

Weather you live in Southern California, or you are visiting for just a few days, this is your opportunity to take home a Memory, a Story of your own. This is a memory, a keepsake that will become more important with every day that passes because it is the Story of You!.

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