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All of us have become accustomed to relying on our smart devices and digital cameras to capture and then store our life’s memories.  What no one thinks about is the unreliability of those devices as the years go by!  Social trend experts have stated that this generation will be the most photographed generation of all time while owning the fewest actual photographs!  That’s sad.

Your memories are best preserved with classic photographic prints.  As the years roll by, there is no greater joy than looking through actual photographs that tell the story of your family!

For these reasons, you’re offered a full range of classic print options ranging from, Traditional Pearl and Metallic Papers, to Museum Quality Canvass Wraps, Ultra-Modern Metal Prints, Albums, and Coffee Table books. There is nothing like the tactile feel of a custom art piece.

Having a physical print or a hand held album is just simple and comforting when we want to relive our precious moments.  In our own home, I love to be greeted by the portrait of my partner Shigemi when she’s not there!


Your Family session is an opportunity to spend the day doing something fun with the ones you love while creating a piece of art that will become an heirloom!

We can play at the park, run in the sand at the beach or a perfect indoor location.  We’ll help you find the perfect spot for your storytelling family portrait!

You will next be treated to a very special sight and sound portrait presentation and ordering session.  One Premier Presentation is included with your portrait session.

You will even be able to see your images projected life size in the various rooms of your home!  You’ll love this amazing presentation!

Five to seven days after your session, you’ll be back with us for your Premier Ordering Session!  You’ll enjoy a sight and sound presentation of your images, pick out your favorites, discuss the various options available to you and take care of any special details you may have.  You’ll review your order, take care of the payment and leave the rest to us!

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We have all, at least for a moment, transported ourselves to some other place far away. Perhaps Victorian Gardens, lands filled with Dragons and Knights or fields filled with warm sunlight and magical creatures. Maybe we drifted back to one of life’s milestones such as graduation or starting our families. These are places and times where everything is just perfect.

Your Self Impression Portrait will romanticize The Story Of You!
Our Self Impression Portraits are your opportunity to see yourself in a magical place, a perfect moment, a place where your dreams are true. Your Self Impression Portrait is more than just a photograph, it will be a hand created piece of art created using elements of your life and the unique creative vision of Portrait Artist Duane Murphy. Each commission combines reality and fantasy and is designed to be the premier piece of art in your home and in your life!

To schedule your Self Impression Session call (562) 206-2995 or Click the

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Now that you have look us over, you are probably wondering how this process works, just follow each step and before you can say 1, 2, 3 you can be our next Amazing Glamour Angel or Cover Model.

We suggest that you call us and get to know us as people and not just a website. Everything you see here we created for people as unique as you are. When you call we will;

1) Answer any questions that you may have about your session. – How long, What to Bring, What do people do with their art pieces, About our backgrounds, anything that you want to know.

2) Once you are ready, we will reserve the studio JUST FOR YOU. We are a completely PRIVATE and DISCRETE studio. There are NO LINES, NO WAITING, when you are in our studio, our focus is on YOU.  From our Make-Up artists, to our Portrait Artists we want you to be comfortable, relaxed, and having a fantastic experience. If there is anything we can do to make it better please let us know.

3) We will then send you a brief questionnaire so that we can get to know you a bit better and prepare the studio for your arrival.

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Your Complete Portrait Experience!

On your initial call, all of your questions will be discussed and answered.

On the day of your session, our Make-Up artist will begin your pampering.

We will help you choose the best outfits for the look you have chosen.

We will discuss any last minute questions or concerns that you may have.

As your session progress’ your Make-Up artist will make any needed touch ups.

After your session we will schedule a Premier Session for you to come back in, see just how beautiful your images are and select which images you would like.

Let’s get started

Regardless of age or body type, we specialize in offering women and men an incredible opportunity to commission their own personal collection of stunning, modern glamour portraits.  Flattering your best features, Shashin Photography provides you with something truly unique to show how beautiful you are.


Our artistic enhancement includes skin perfecting, body contouring and feature enhancement.  Every detail is covered from wrinkles to acne, scars, cellulite and stretch marks.

In preparation for your session, please think of the following;

Hair touch-ups, waxing, eyebrow shaping, manicure, pedicure, tanning and moisturizing.  Once your session is booked, we will send you a Client Guide which goes into further detail regarding preparation.

You will start your creative session in your Special Evening Dress or your Favorite pair of jeans, and from there most clients move on to their sexy silks, and for those who are comfortable (most) are excited to show off those romantic little outfits, in the end it is entirely your call.

Sexy isn’t about how much you show, it’s all about how you show it!  Most women feel that leaving something to the imagination is much sexier than baring it all.

We don’t supply wardrobe, but have some great suggestions on what to purchase and bring with you. Please bring a variety of Dresses, Evening wear, lingerie, fun-playful outfits, shoes and jewelry. We will work with you to create the look you want. When you are choosing lingerie, consider choosing more than one set to get a variety of looks.  We have a full make-up and changing rooms for you to lay out all that you bring.  It is better to bring more and not wear then to wish you had that “special lil thing” with you.

Lingerie can include bra and panty sets, a corset, teddy, chemise, camisole, garters, thigh high stockings and robes. While black is the standard in sexy, all colors are great and give a nice variety of looks to your final images.

For brides, consider bringing your favorite white lingerie.

For fantasy sets, bring your fun-outfits, costumes and accessories, we will discuss this session with you well in advance of your appointment.

Other items to bring include a variety of high heels, high boots, jewelry, scarves, hats, ties. Feel free to bring anything with you to accessorize your shoot and make it a more personalized experience. A piece of your mate’s favorite apparel – shirt and tie perhaps or a sports jersey – he’ll love it!  Have a look through our galleries for inspiration.

Yes we do. We feel so strongly about hair and make-up professionals that we include a full makeover with most glamour sessions.  Hair can be added to any package at a nominal fee.  It really makes a difference in the final images. Make-up done for photography is applied differently than traditional daily make-up application.

Regardless of age or body type, we specialize in offering all women an incredible opportunity to commission their own personal collection of stunning, modern glamour portraits.  Flattering your best features, Glamour Photography by Shashin Fine Art, provides you with something truly unique to celebrate how beautiful you are.  While our sessions are designed to create a personal, romantic gift for your significant other to cherish for a lifetime, they are truly designed for you also!

Each of us are many people at once, A Wife, A Mom, A Role Model, A Someone Special, Don’t let who you are today fade away with tomorrow…

How would you like to surprise that super special person in life with something that makes you look even better than how you see yourself? Your husband, your fiancee, your someone special has a way of seeing you every time they look at you that makes you greater then how you appear every day. A creative portraits can bring that vision to reality.



Our children, College, Career, 1st. or even our 4th home, Retirement… No matter what stage in life you are at, these things all seem so far off, that is until they arrive.  Then they are memories. How will you share your home where you brought home your first child, when they graduate college? When your Son or Daughter bring home their new new spouse? When you are sitting in front of the fire with your husband or wife of 50 years and want to think back to your first years together.

We quite often don’t know what turns life will bring us, what changes we will go through, Professional Portraits are slices of your life as you want them to be remembered, as good as those time may be, in some cases even better! How often can you get the entire family to sit in front of you for a picture? If they are in front of you, aren’t you behind the camera? If your neighbor is pressing that button for you, do they know how to look for those details that a Professional Photographer sees instinctively?



How do you want people to see you? As a friendly, competent, professional, or do you want people to see you from a Facebook party picture?  In many cases, your first impression with somebody is before you ever meet them;  a resume, a business card, Linkedin, Facebook, a flyer, a poster, a website.  In today’s world of business and social media, most people see us for the first time by some other means than in person. This is why a professionally crafted portrait is needed to show who you are and to begin building trust.