It’s official, thanks to our Gorgeous Model Sameena, and Peter from the Ranch, we will have 2 pieces on display this year at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa CA. This is a really big honor for our Studio and our clients as it shows that we consistently produce the highest quality of work on a consistent bases.  The Orange County Fair every year receives over 4500 entries and only exhibits approximately 250 pieces. Shashin Photography has now for 3 years running have had multiple pieces selected for display, with our image ‘Ginza Streets’ receiving a Judges Choice award.

This is a wonderful accomplishment, as our studio photographs normal everyday Mom’s, Wife’s, Girlfriends, and Single Women of all shapes and sizes. We do not work with Professional Cover Models or World Wide Media figures, but people just like you!

This year Sameena our fantastic Cover Girl has been selected for display in the OC Fair’s Portrait division, this image is a traditional single shot portrait using all traditional means of posing and lighting and minimal post production work, i.e. we did it in camera.

The Saloon Keeper has been selected for display in Electronic Arts as it is an Envronmental Photograph made up of 8 different images. 3 images used to create a light HDR effect on the saloon, multiple images to create the sky, and even 2 different images to create the dirt road.

Shashin Glamour Photography

Our time Traveler takes a moment to think about her adventures through time.