An Incredible Event

You’re About To Experience An Incredible Weekend!

As a registered attendee of the upcoming “HP Halloween” Event at the Keating Hotel, we would like to offer you a way to add to the excitement of your weekend.

Renowned Photographic Portrait Artist, Duane Murphy, will be accepting six “Self-Impression” or Beauty/Boudoir Portrait Sessions at the hotel during the event!

Mr. Murphy has been commissioned to create his unique style of Sexy and Chic imagery for clients from around the world.  He, along with his partner, Shaggy, will take care of every detail of your portrait session.  Your personal and extraordinary session will be created in one of the hotels exclusive, elegant suites! This will be your Ultimate Portrait Experience.

Your custom Pandora’s Box starts with the creation of amazing artistic photographic images of your experience at this one of a kind location. To add to your experience, you will start with Hair and Make-Up with our Professional Photographic Make-Up Artist. After your creative experience, you will work with Duane to choose your favorite images from your session where he will then see to the custom art finishes of each image, to his exacting standards. Once his standards are met your Pandora’s collection will then be finished in our Italian Art Castle, each display creation being crafted by hand, and by your choice, completed with either a photographic art finish of your “Pandora” or wrapped in Italian Distressed Leather. This is ART created by Artisans… for you.

Pandora's Collection

Don’t wait, call Duane now at 714.863.2126 to learn how you can save over $400.00 on this experience.

Due to the personal nature of your session and the time Mr. Murphy spends with each client, available sessions are very limited.  If you would like more information, contact Duane personally at 714.863.2126.  This is a very special type of portrait experience and we want to be sure all your questions are answered before you reserve a session.  After discussing the details with Duane, if you would like to have him create an amazing “Pandora’s Box” for you, a non-refundable fee will be required to guarantee your session time.  You will be offered exclusive Special Image Collections to select from, and by calling now you can save over $400.00.

This is an amazing opportunity to have a true Master Portrait Artist create your dream portraits! Contact Duane Murphy now on his personal number to answer all of your questions and learn more about his unique artistic style and discuss YOUR vision for your portrait!  714-863-2126. By contacting Duane NOW you will SAVE over $400.00 on your completed “Pandora’s Box”.

Come and see the “Pandora Collections” at the HP Sept 30 Kick Off Party. There is NO COMPARISON once you touch and feel these AMAZING COLLECTIONS.

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