Glamour portraiture has been gaining immense popularity in recent years. As women, we spend endless amounts of time and money pampering ourselves with beauty products and services, clothing, accessories, fitness and even plastic surgery to make us feel beautiful. By investing in portraiture of ourselves, we can capture and document our beauty to treasure for a lifetime.


Regardless of age or body type, we specialize in offering all women an incredible opportunity to commission their own personal collection of stunning, modern glamour portraits. Flattering your best features, Shashin Photography provides you with something truly unique to show how beautiful you are. While our sessions are designed to create a personal, romantic gift for your significant other to cherish for a lifetime, they are truly designed for you.


With the time and money women spend to make themselves look and feel fantastic for a day or an evening, a glamour session is your opportunity to do away with any rules women know about beauty, this is your chance to be the most beautiful you, that you or your special someone can image, you can be that super-model, the fantasy princess, the goddess of desire… Your glamour session is for you to have fun and show your ideals of beauty.