In todays world of technology, we all have cell phones, digital cameras both dslr and point n shoot. These are great for sharing moments with friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However they fall short when it comes time to creating and sharing truly special moments. Where will the social media services be in 5 years, or the files you uploaded to them? What will they look like in 7 years, when you have moved on to your next stage in life, or gone to your next computer, phone, or tablet device, what will happen to all of those pictures?

For these reasons and so many more we still offer a full range of classic Print options ranging from, Traditional Pearl and Metallic Papers, to Museum Quality Canvass Wraps, to the Ultra Modern Metal Prints, by the way these are a must see! and onto Albums, and Coffee Table books. There is nothing like the tactile feel of a custom art piece.

The things that we do today, become the memories of tomorrow. Experience has proven first hand with many clients reaching out to use time and time again for favor physical images and albums.   Computers are lost or crash, Facebook and Twitter accounts are hacked changed or just disappear, remember Friendster.  In times of distress it is just too difficult to locate things that are stored by us or our loved ones digitally, really do you want to deal with logins and passwords when you are waiting to hear a voice to let you know someone is ok? Having a Physical print, a hand held book, is just simple and comforting when we want to relive out precious moments.In our own home I love to be greeted by the portrait of my partner Shigemi when she is not there!