Our children, College, Career, 1st. or even our 4th home, Retirement… No matter what stage in life you are at, these things all seem so far off, that is until they arrive.  Then they are memories. How will you share your home where you brought home your first child, when they graduate college? When your Son or Daughter bring home their new new spouse? When you are sitting in front of the fire with your husband or wife of 50 years and want to think back to your first years together.

We quite often don’t know what turns life will bring us, what changes we will go through, Professional Portraits are slices of your life as you want them to be remembered, as good as those time may be, in some cases even better! How often can you get the entire family to sit in front of you for a picture? If they are in front of you, aren’t you behind the camera? If your neighbor is pressing that button for you, do they know how to look for those details that a Professional Photographer sees instinctively?