Presenting “Dog Tales”

Every dog has a story! Just ask any puppy lover and they’ll tell you all about their four-legged loved one. Dogs have personalities, expressions, endearing and not so endearing habits AND the ability to completely capture our hearts! That’s what makes them so special!

Dog Tales is our way of telling the “story” of dogs and how they perceive the world they live in. Dog Tale Portraits are whimsical, heartwarming pieces of art that look into the personality and backstory that every pup has. “Perfect Pet” Portraits tell the story of your puppy when words alone aren’t enough.

We encourage dogs of all sizes and breeds to explore our Art Garden, a private, indoor/outdoor puppy studio designed with your pets in mind. It’s like an ½ acre theme park for your four-legged family member to play in! And yes, we do allow families without pets at our Art Garden.

Every Dog Tale event is a unique experience for you and your pet. Each event is dog-centric and celebrates the most loving, soulful creatures on the planet with art that will live on for generations! Due to the personalized nature of each Dog Tales Portrait Session, each event will be limited to a specific number of subjects.

Many of the community building Dog Tale events culminate with a Gallery Show of selected portraits! Yes, you already know your dog is a star! Each event is a way to rub noses with other pups and their owners, friends and family who love them! Dog Tale events will not be repeated! Each event will be a unique artistic experience that gives you to an opportunity to celebrate your puppy with socializing the community.

We look forward to seeing your pet soon! (You too of course!)

Lets Do It!