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Pets Are Family

Dog Tales – Dog Days of Summer 18, We’re looking for doggie models with stories to tell to kick off our next personal projected entitled, “DogTales – Dog Days of Summer 18”!   What’s your dog’s story?  How did the two of you meet?  What does your four-legged buddy love to do?  What makes them unique?  Why was it love at first sight?  We can’t wait to hear your dog’s unique story.  All Dog Tale models who are selected for our project will be invited to bring their friends and family to a gallery unveiling of this heartwarming event! (What special talent does your doghave? Does he Surf? Does she Dance? Does he imitate a Dandelion?)  Everything special about your little buddy will be captured in their Dog Tale portrait!

The right time to have family portraits created with your pet is right now!  The best time for portraits of your pet alone is also right now!  Time passes too quickly to put off having your special family members photographed.