How does this work?


The first step is scheduling your own private session.  We’ll then discuss any questions that you may have.  Don’t worry, everybody has them!

Next, we’ll go over the entire process with you.  Most people don’t know what to expect when having a portrait created, especially something as special as a Romance Session.  We have made it fun and exciting for you.

Be sure to check your email as we will send you our detailed guides on everything from wardrobe to how you’ll be viewing your portraits and placing your order.  If you’re not sure about something, just ask.  We’re a phone call or email away!

We offer portrait sizes starting at 8×10 for our standard sessions and 16×20 and up for our Romance sessions

You will also receive our wardrobe guide and personal questionnaire and direct link to our investment pages.

By taking the time to look over all of the guides we send you, your portrait experience will be amazing!

Please complete and send back your “Getting to know you” guide. This helps us provide you with a truly unique Romance Story experience.

Your Session

All of our sessions are by appointment only.  This is done so we can focus on you!  No waiting in line, no group casting calls.  Whether in the studio or on location, your comfort is our priority!

We have a private studio location in the beautiful Bixby Knolls district of Long Beach CA.  We can also come to your favorite location. (Additional fee’s may apply)

When you arrive to our studio, please give us a quick ring and we will be delighted to help you with your bags, wardrobe, and anything else that you may bring along. This is your day to relax and be pampered.

Once inside, you can relax with refreshment while you meet with our makeup artist.  When your makeover is complete, we will start your creative session by selecting your wardrobe, discussing our posing techniques and going over all of the details.

We will spend all the time that is needed to create amazing images for you. This time is for you, most sessions last about 2 hours just so that you may plan, we are happy to take all the time that is needed to ensure that you will have a choice of no less than 30 wonderful images to select from.

Once your session concludes, we recommend that you take advantage of the numerous restaurants, wine bars and boutique shops in the area while we create your Premier viewing and ordering session.  We will be happy to guide you to our personal favorites.

Your Premier Viewing and Ordering Session

Once your session concludes, we will schedule your Premier Viewing and Ordering Session.

At your premier session, you will come back to our studio, relax in our super comfortable sofa, and view a beautiful sight and sound presentation of your portraits.   Please remember to bring anybody who will be involved in helping you with your purchase decisions at this time.  Each session includes one Premier Ordering Session.  If for any reason you need an additional ordering session, there will be a $100 fee.

When you place and pay for your order at your Premier Viewing & Ordering Session, you will be able to take advantage of special savings of up to 30%!

Why don’t we offer packages?  Our experience is that most people do not need or want everything in a ‘Made for Everybody’ package.  We would rather see you get exactly what you want, not what’s in a package that’s not designed just for you!

We provide a full array of fine art prints including Contemporary Metal Prints, Museum Gallery Wraps and Classic Fine Art Prints, and a full range of framing options. To make selections options easier we use state of the art imaging software and will show you for favorite image selections in your own home before you purchase.  It’s as easy as taking a cell phone picture!

Once you have made your selections and have completed your investment, your images will be submitted immediately to our artists.  Because of this, there can be no changes to your order.  In 4-6 weeks your selections will be ready for you to take home and be proudly displayed.

Lets get started!

To book your session, call us at (562) 206-2995 or click the button below.

Lets Do It!