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All About Our Pets…

Pets Are Family

Dog Tales – Dog Days of Summer 18, We’re looking for doggie models with stories to tell to kick off our next personal projected entitled, “DogTales – Dog Days of Summer 18”!   What’s your dog’s story?  How did the two of you meet?  What does your four-legged buddy love to do?  What makes them unique?  Why was it love at first sight?  We can’t wait to hear your dog’s unique story.  All Dog Tale models who are selected for our project will be invited to bring their friends and family to a gallery unveiling of this heartwarming event! (What special talent does your doghave? Does he Surf? Does she Dance? Does he imitate a Dandelion?)  Everything special about your little buddy will be captured in their Dog Tale portrait!

The right time to have family portraits created with your pet is right now!  The best time for portraits of your pet alone is also right now!  Time passes too quickly to put off having your special family members photographed.



Call Shashin Photography at (562) 206-2995. By calling now your pet will love you even more by getting their own Spring Time session!!

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All About Our Pets


Pets Are Family

They’re always there for us.  They never reject us.  They love us unconditionally.  Our pets are our family!  Whether you’re a cat lover, a dog fanatic, crazy for Guinea pigs or love your bunnies like we do here, your pet is everything to you!  This is the reason we encourage all pet lovers to include their non-human family members in their portrait sessions.

How about portraits of your pet alone?
What an incredible idea!  As time goes by, a portrait of your beloved pet becomes an heirloom that you’ll always cherish.  Clients often ask how to display portraits of their pets.  A wall dedicated to portraits of your pets is the perfect way to add that storytelling element we mentioned earlier into your home!  The fun part about having your pet photographed is, you can be in some of the images also!  Pet owners have told us that portraits of them with their pets have become favorite gifts for friends and family.  Some even told us that their family has asked if they could have portraits of just the pets!  What would your family want?

Here are a few tips to make your pet portrait experience amazing.
Only consider having your portraits created with your pets or having portraits of your pets alone created by a photographer who LOVES animals.  Believe it or not, some photographers don’t like pets!  We’ve even heard of some studios that charge a higher fee when they hear that pets are involved!  I LOVE photographing pets and I’m 100% sure that every pet knows how much I enjoy having them here.  Also, make sure you bring everything that makes your furry family member comfortable.  Bring that […]

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Come See Us: At the Amazing Pet Expo

Greetings and Salutations!!

Shashin Photography will be exhibiting on February 21-22, 2015 at the Amazing Pet Expo at the Pamona Fairplex. This is an awesome pet friendly event, with an Agility Center, Pet Supply’s and US, Shashin Photography. We know your time is valuable so we wanted to make it worth your effort!! That is right, come see us at our booth and enter to win a $695.00 complete Fine Art Pet Portrait Session.

This special session includes;

  1) Premium Creative Session, in studio or one of our outside locations

2) Site and sound premier of your pets best portraits of the day

3) a 14x14in Gallery Custom Portrait with an 8in image of your choice

This package has a retail value of $695.00.


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