Welcome to Shashin Photography

Your memories are the threads that build the story of your life!  At Shashin Photography, we capture each of your milestone memories with portraiture that will be passed down from generation to generation.  When we’re young, we feel that we will always have tomorrow.  As we grow in years and wisdom, we realize how important family is.  Your Shashin portraits will preserve your special moments that are too important to be left to memory alone.

Who is Shashin Photography?

Our mission is to create heartfelt portraits of your life that will make you smile for years to come!
Creating portraits that tell your story begins with a smile long before your session starts.  You’ll have an incredible experience before, during and after your session with us! 
You will love your images – We guarantee it!

We will do whatever it takes to create portraits that you’ll love forever!

Experts are saying that our generation will be the most photographed with the lowest number of actual photographs to enjoy!  Your memories deserve more than an online post that will be gone in minutes, this is why we have created custom selections for you to enjoy and display throughout your life.

Our Skills

Professional Portrait, Makup and Hair Artists 100
Create Tomorows Heartfelt memories today 100
Amazing Faimly Experinces (Even with crying babies) 110
Create Amazing Client Friendships 100

Meet Our Team

Duane Murphy
Duane MurphyPortrait Artist
As your Portrait Artist, my passion is to make your vision a reality. The camera is just one of the tools I will use to create your masterpiece.
Shigemi Kitta
Shigemi KittaCreative Assistant
Shigemi aka (Shaggy) keeps our perspective balanced with a feminine touch and has an eye for the fine details that add that special element to your portrait art.
Professional Hair and MUA
Professional Hair and MUAMake-Over Artists
Our Certified Cosmetologists, work to make sure you simply ‘Look Fabulous’.