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    Welcome to Shashin Photography

    Why do we do what we do… The memories that we make for you today last a lifetime. When your young there is always a tomorrow. As you grow you learn the suprises that those tomorrows will bring. We are here to help you capture those moments in life so that you can share them in your quiet moments or with the special people around you when the time is right…

    Who is Shashin Photography?

    We wish to make you smile for years to come, by creating tomorows Heart felt memories of your life today…
    In thinking about your smile tomorrow, we start by making your day fantastic before you arrive. As you have fun we all win in this relationship.
    You will love your selections or we will do them over!
    Your memories and feelings deserve more then a FaceBook Upload, that is why we have created custom products for you to hold, feel and display throughout your life.

    Our Skills

    Professional Portrait, Makup and Hair Artists 100
    Create Tomorows Heartfelt memories today 95
    Amazing Faimly Experinces (Even with crying babies) 92
    Create Amazing Client Friendships 95

    Meet Our Team

    Duane Murphy
    Duane MurphyPortrait Artist
    As a Portrait Artist my task is to make your vision a reality, a camera is just one of the tools I am likely to use to acheive this.
    Shigemi Kitta
    Shigemi KittaCreative Assistant
    Men and Women Think differently.Shigemi aka (Shaggy) keeps our perspective balanced with a feminine touch, and has an eye for the fine details within your vision.
    Josie Beltran
    Josie BeltranMake-Over Artist
    As it is unlikely that you want a snapshot, Josie our Certified Cosmetologist works to make sure you simply ‘Look Fabulous’.

    Our Happy Clients